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Focused Stretching for Neck and Shoulders

Neck tightness and pain, Shoulder tension and Pain, April 10, 2006
In previous newsletters I described how one would recognize symptoms and understand causes of muscle tension and pain. If you're a client you know that this condition can be progressively relieved until it is gone completely and the muscle tone is restored. What is also very important is that the clients own routine of stretches and correct posture practice can speed up the Muscle Tone Restoration process and help maintain this good condition in the future.

With this in mind I am starting a series of newsletters on focused stretches on different parts of the body, starting with the most common and problematic area - the neck and shoulders.

Stretches are generally advisable before and after any sporting or heavy physical activity. What is even more effective are stretches focused on the tight muscles that give you that give you a feeling of discomfort and restriction and even pain. Believe it or not, by following a daily routine of just a few focused stretches on the right portions of the affected muscle tissue, you can improve the muscles condition.

Groups of muscles work together and today I will address the rear/side of the neck and shoulder (levator and trapezius). As the Pic above shows...

1. Start with straight shoulders with head facing straight ahead.

2. Then tilt the head to the left and try to touch your shoulder with your ear.

3. While keeping your shoulders upright move your head slightly forward.
You will start to feel the focused stretch on the tight strands of the the muscle.

4. Reach your left arm over the left eye brow and grasp the area behind your right ear.
Now gently let the weight of your arm do the stretching.
Try moving your arm slightly forward or back to feel the stretch on the tight tissue.
Hold this stretch for at least 20 seconds.

If you develop a daily focused stretch routine, especially on the troubled areas, you will highly likely feel a noticeable improvement over time.

The next newsletter will describe the focused stretch of another group of important muscles. If you special interest in a particular group of muscles please feel free to drop me an email.

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