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Neck and Shoulder

Neck and shoulder intro

Upper Trapezius

Side and Base of Neck - Levator Scapula

Levator Scapula

Rotating neck

Scalene Stretch

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Neck and Shoulder Stretch - Upper Trapezius

This is a stretch for the shoulder muscle that spread from length of the shoulder blade to the upper neck. It is called the Upper Trapezium. There is a lower set as well spreading from the back of the shoulder blade to the mid back.

To stretch the right side you're going to turn your head to the right then slowly just let your head fall down. So you should feel a nice
stretch on the right hand side. put your hand on the far corner of and let the weight of your hand gently increase the stretch.For the left side you look to the left. Just let your head kind of fall down so you're looking at about a forty-five degree angle. Gentle pull on your head and anchor your shoulder with your hand there. Both of these you want to hold about thirty to sixty seconds.

video clip of a demonstration by Physical Therapist, Monica Paradise on
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